The Statistics: Sparks in the Night

It’s been a while since we originally shot it, but I’m really happy to see “Sparks in the Night” by The Statistics finally up! Being able to work on a pieces featuring LGBTQ+ characters is really important to me and I’m glad to finally have a video like that up! 🏳️‍🌈

Sparks in the Night explores both the hopes and anxieties of leaving small town life in search of a new start, and the challenges that change can have on relationships.

Director: Jacob Harris

Cinematography & Editing: Jony Roy

Starring: Jessica Dawn & Trudy Valade

MUA: Amanda Mitchell

Featuring: Darby & Erin Yule

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Sparks in the Night - Edit 1.00_23_50_03.Still006.jpg
Sparks in the Night - Edit 1.00_29_14_21.Still007.jpg
Sparks in the Night - Edit 1.00_17_57_17.Still005.jpg