New Ad: Filmora9 | Empower Your Imagination

Directed & Produced by Kevin Cho

Cinematography by Alfonso Chin

Edited by Jony Roy

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working on Wondershare’s latest ad for their new release of Filmora9. It was a unique experience for me as I was 2nd AC, Voice Talent (narrator), Compositor, and Editor on this ad.

New Video: Cassandra Maze - Boom

Recently had the pleasure of working yet again with Cassandra Maze on her new video. However, we shuffled things around a bit this time as we went a more choreographed direction. A lot of the camera movement was improvised the day-of and I’m really happy how it all turned out!

Frame Grabs 2.40 1080p.00_00_42_13.Still001.jpg

Directed by Jony Roy

Cinematography by Zachary Vague

Edited by Jony Roy

Starring Cassandra Maze, Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis, and Damian Norman